the girl

Knowing how to serve girls means capturing her interests.

Soccer. Dance. Horseback riding. Tennis. Cheerleading. The options are endless, and many girls would love to do them all.

How do girls choose? At the core, it all boils down to fun, friends and togetherness. Being with other girls who share similar interests and a desire for adventure.

How does Girl Scouting fit into the equation? Luckily for girls, Girl Scouts is the one place that can bring girls together to share a wide variety of experiences, on their terms. Whether it’s learning how to kayak, design jewelry, direct a play, or organize a community service event, there is always something new around the corner for a Girl Scout.

To understand what today’s girls are looking for — and how they can get that from Girl Scouts — we went straight to the source. More than 12,000 girls in the Mountains to Midlands council were invited to participate in program surveys, as well as focus groups and town hall meetings. Their response was clear: They like current activities and want more.

They want Girl Scout places to be DESTINATIONS — exciting locations that provide the activities they like. Locations that offer unique features, both environmentally and through the actual facilities found there. Different types of venues, with programs that address their different ages, interests and preferences. They want to learn in ways that are fun and engaging. They want to go places and stay overnight. They want to be part of the planning experience. They want it to be about them.

About camping

  • She wants cabins/lodges with heat, AC, lights, flush toilets and showers; but also the opportunity to experience rustic sites with tents
  • She wants to cook outside on a fire/grill with her troop
  • She’s OK with lodges for large groups or cabins for small groups

Camp Facilities

  • Swimming pool with slides and fun water toys
  • Arts & crafts center
  • Horseback riding
  • Campfire circles
  • Lounge just for girls to talk
  • Lake for canoeing and kayaking
  • Climbing wall
  • Hiking trails
  • Go-kart tracks


So we listened.

And we developed a plan to give her more of what she’s looking for.

HER TOP TWO, overall

  • The Arts
  • Outdoor / Environmental Activities; not just science, but adventure


  • A variety of arts activities
  • Personal growth and
    leadership activities
  • Water-based activities
  • Camping activities
  • Outdoor adventure activities


  • Water-based activities
  • Camping activities
  • Outdoor adventure activities
  • A variety of arts activities
  • Personal growth and
    leadership activities