the future

A future we can all see.

Our hopes for the future are big. We see a unified council. We see partnerships. Destination sites. Quality programs. Increased membership. More volunteers. Greater support for troop leaders. Stewardship. A stronger community presence. We see boundless opportunity and unlimited possibilities. We see a premier council with the participation and support of all our outstanding volunteers, girls, donors, and staff.

Program that packs a punch

Mountains to Midlands will deliver the values and benefits of Girl Scouting through program experiences that girls can’t get in school or church. Our future programs will focus on five areas, enhancing each with a modern touch:

  • The Arts
  • Outdoors
  • Healthy Living
  • Leadership
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Destinations that inspire

Each Mountain to Midland’s facility will be a destination in and of itself. A place where girls want to spend time. A place where girls choose to be. All members will have access to a council site within a 60-minute drive. We may even need a bus to help girls reach a destination. Our facilities will be mission-focused and girl-centered with a commitment to safety, functionality and accessibility.

Office space - Property will be multi-use and serve many organizational needs. For example, offices will be incorporated into program facilities allowing staff to stay even more connected to the girls and their families, troop leaders and other volunteers.

Resident camp - We will have a resident camp with improved amenities and capacity for our membership: heat, air conditioning, bathrooms, a new dining hall, parking, on-site program staff, and an improved, progressive horse program. This camp will have the potential to serve girls year-round and be utilized by other groups for meetings and retreats.

Urban center - A new Mountains to Midlands leadership center will be developed that serves as an indoor program facility focused on a variety of groups and activities. We envision specialty arts, an indoor climbing wall, overnight facilities such as dormitories or indoor “cabins,” a large meeting room for 300-400 people, a girls-only lounge, a Girlz Gear shop and even office space.

As Girl Scouts USA prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012, we are poised to welcome that milestone in a big way at the local level. Our property plan will improve our council's ability to provide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for more girls today, and in generations to come.

Next steps

The Board of Directors will create a new, standing Property Committee to oversee implementation of the plan. A preliminary timeline follows below:

Timeline Overview

Months 1-3

  • Property Committee formed
  • Real estate agent secured
  • Properties on the market
  • Dialogue with constituencies

Months 4-6

  • Program plan finalized
  • Support services defined for volunteers
  • Monitor sales status
  • Explore land options in Columbia
  • Issue RFP for Master Plan, Site Plans
  • Prepare closing of Mauldin office at fiscal year and Spartanburg at calendar year lease end

Months 6-18

  • Master plan work - designs and
    site work
  • Research campaign feasibility
  • Plan/Implement 2010 summer program changes